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Tracking business executions, reporting its effect on product and experience from customers is one of the best ways to engineer the business process and improve over time.

Starting a business is an easy task but finding a product that fits the market, suits the consumer’s budget and fulfills the need in time before any other competitor is tough.

The competition in the industry is changing by 3x then it used to be a decade ago. Today industry is investing in tools and techniques that are helpful to the industry…

Chemical Industry​

Producing high-quality chemicals that can be used in specific product manufacturing, coating, solvent, or material of mixture can be challenging, especially for new product and business owners considering to create a different and unique identity.

Engineering Services for enterprises

Enterprise innovation is important to sustain in the ever-competitive market where small startups are coming with products and procedures that cut the conventional procedure and increase the overall productivity of the system. 

Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual property is a process of protecting proprietary assets, Trademarks, patents, trade secrets from infringement. We at AMAY help businesses plan, develop and acquire copyrights from the authority reducing friction by improving the design and representation of the system. 

Our Services​

(For Startups)

Business Scope

Startups are the core of tomorrow’s cost-cutting innovation but on the other side, they are also very delicate to go broke if not directed in the right direction with the right resources and opportunities. 

Lean startup process is one of the best methods to make a product successful. To take feedback from real users for every major release, we at AMAY use interaction and event-based advanced analytics measures that measure user flow.

Ideo process is almost similar to conventional software/product development but it has few things which indirectly improve the user experience and makes the product fit the market in the longer run.

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❖A differentiating factor

❖Attention to detail

❖Deep network of people

Fatherly demeanour

❖How do I trust them?

❖Will they really add any value to my business?

❖What if they cannot deliver(in time)?

❖Will they just advise me?

❖This project is too complex

❖I need a partner to hold my hands and walk along with me

❖External stakeholder: No HR issues

Contracts and set deliverables

❖Easy to terminate when not needed

❖Can give a neutral advice

❖Diverse and creative solutions because of experience


Client first attitude

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