Ideo Process​

What is Ideo Process?

Ideo process was first implemented by the global design company that was founded in Palo Alto, California in 1991. Microsoft, Pepsi and Samsung are some of the big corporations that use ideo process till this date. Ideo process’s main dictum is the consideration of the end user experience in the design process. This ensures an optimal user experience from the first phase that is the formulation of idea.

Ideo process is almost similar to conventional software/product development but it has few things which indirectly improve the user experience and makes the product fit the market in the longer run. Ideo process helps you figure out a human centered design through a creative problem solving approach. It can be boiled down to two main steps: Observe the behaviour of customer and put yourself in his shoes. These two things can help you improvise the design constantly. But ideo process in implementation involves five primary steps:


Understanding the right problem than creating a problem to solve is one of the major issues of failure among startups. Therefore it is necessary to observe and precisely pin point the problems before the production stage. AMAY helps businesses remove those inefficiencies by putting hundreds of houses in understanding the customer from a user dynamic and market-centric research.

Ideo Process​ Understand


Observing is one of the strongest keys to discover and develop a user’s interaction with mine. To know what the user needs is the first step in creating a user centric design. Our defined random and market-specific product usability experiments help businesses observe the user’s pattern and improve the system on the development stage putting DevOps in execution.

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1. Point of Understanding (POU)

“The why” action analysis is a time taking process where a set of researchers and observers interact, research and document the intent behind the action. This helps startups build UI and application experiences from the core to delight users on the go. Our distributed teams and associates across the world help AMAY associated startups conduct their tests and executions.

Point of Understanding

2. Ideate

Ideation helps businesses refine the workflow by brainstorming the overall process, efficiently structuring development stages and feature priority to reach the market with a minimum viable product. Coming up with as many ideas as possible while keeping the needs of user in the mind is the best way to approach ideation. After this, the constant brainstorming in the group can help shape a final product, the end user may actually need. We at AMAY take the market first approach to customize the system and go to the market on the scale before the market saturates.

3. Prototyping

Prototyping a product isn’t always a challenging task but building a prototype that can be easily transformed to a minimum viable product is a challenge. The prototype product should be a simple design that is tangible enough to understand the the user requirements. From prototyping to user study should take as minimum time as possible. AMAY conjoins ideation and development to develop a market-specific prototype that holds the capability to be easily converted with MVP with the least resources possible.

Ideo Process

4. Product Testing

Testing the product with the feature, integrated and system testing is done to remove the unwanted anomalies which may appear at the time of user interaction. The observations made should be organised for a clear and precise idea of the changes that should be prioritised. After this process, if you face any major issues, you need to start the ideo process again from step one. We use industry-standard procedures and real end-user engagement to eradicate the anomalies from developed code with tools like selenium, Katalon Studio, Eggplant, etc.

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