New Product Development


New Product Development

The competition in the industry is changing by 3x then it used to be a decade ago. Today industry is investing in tools and techniques that are helpful to the industry and runs with a centralized control system, unlike the traditional industry.

We at AMAY help businesses in researching, documenting, finding market opportunities, developing the product and reaching the customer in mass before someone else does.

Research and Documentation

We at AMAY help businesses research, document, find market opportunities, develop the product, and reach the customer in mass before someone else does.

We at AMAY develop products that are

  1. Specific to the industry
  2. Fulfills the customer need
  3. Remains relevant to innovation
  4. Adapts new market opportunities
Product Research & Positioning

When To Prototype?

Before diving into the prototyping phase, there are few questions to ask:

– Is a prototype desirable or necessary?
– Does the need for design verification justify it?
– Is the testing needed for design improvement?
– Does the design reflect the best knowledge before prototyping?
– What kind of prototype will fill the needs best?
– And, perhaps most important, what will the prototype accomplish?

Our Prototyping Process:

1. Analyzing the current system & issue documentation
2. Process & Design Thinking
3. Prototype Development
4. Product end-user testing & feedback
5. Major bug fixes


1. Display or show the new product
2. may be at a show or for investors.
3. Test an idea to see if it really works.
4. Test the design to see if it passes certain requirements.
5. Use it to evaluate where improvements are necessary.
6. Get customer feedback.

New Product Development

Our Services

1. Agile/Adaptive Research

AMAY Design Solutions business analysts and market research specialists help businesses in finding market opportunities analyzing the existing customers, market data, competitor action by conducting surveys, documenting the process, and analyzing product fit to the market. This research is beneficial to make a plan and decide on the company vision way before.

Our vast years of experience in design, engineering, and manufacturing has made us define flawless products, manage complex assembly and develop products and features to increase the engagement and reduce the management cost to achieve optimum environment for effortless product development.

New Product Development

2. Design

Designing end user-centric product solutions and interfaces are complex and we at AMAY make the whole process simple by our well-researched and efficiently engineered internal framework to design implementation for unhinged product development.

Our Design Process

1. End-user research and interface analysis
2. Process definition and documentation
3. End-user interface testing & feedback
4. Improvement & Production

3. Prototyping

Prototyping products on the initial stage and then moving towards the production is one of the best ways to stop the financial and market unfit disaster before it happens. There are various issues that can not be predicted in the plan and research stage. Therefore, prototyping is necessary if you want to ensure that no difficulties arise during large scale production. Our team of researchers and developers develop prototypes with barebone engineering to solve the problem first, discuss with the industrialist, get feedback from a set of end-users, solve major issues and move to piloting.

Piloting Studies

4. Piloting Studies

Piloting studies is done by distributing the product to a small number of users to understand the real-time issues on the product before pushing it to the market. Even though there are some high early investments to make, it can save you tons of money if you consider the possibility of errors in doing the large scale production of same defective product. AMAY does pilot studies with its highly experienced support engineers and UI experts to understand the issues at the micro level scenarios and fix them before they are pushed to production.

Our Process:

1. Project development
2. Pilot study planning and execution
3. Error & feedback documentation
4. Reengineering to fix the detected issue
5. Planning the production level execution

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