New Business Innovation

New Business Innovation

New Business Innovation

The marketplaces in today’s age are growing to be highly competitive. This competition is the result of increase in access of technology. Starting a business is an easy task but finding a product that fits the market, suits the consumer’s budget and fulfills the need in time before any other competitor is tough. New ideas need to be constantly explored to try new approaches that can help your enterprise. These new ideas can be used to improve the designs, improve the manufacturing process or increasing the efficiency in any way possible. We at AMAY follow a 3T intensive research and development approach that makes the business grow rapidly and reach the customers faster before any competitor market propagation.

Our Services​

1. Innovation Kickstarter

The primary business idea needs to undergo a research and brainstorming process to figure out future plans. This can help you find the direction to which your business should venture to, saving cost and efforts that may go wasteful without any planning We help you in kick-starting your business idea with a conversation to understand your vision. Our industry-specific team does real-time market analysis about the product, checking product-market fit, viability, and competition to predict the volume of success. After the metric definition, we define the processes with trackable milestones that help businesses in smooth and faster-distributed development.

Innovation Kickstarter
Process in Innovation Kickstarter

Process in Innovation Kickstarter

  1. Understand company vision
  2. Evaluate company resources
  3. Defining roadmap
  4. Starting with execution

2. Sustainability Management

Sustainability management is the concept which states that the management of making your company sustainable should also be economical. This means that resources that are not harmful to the environment or the creation of new sustainable manufacturing processes should not be costly. If these sustainable solutions are costly, it will be harder for the enterprise to keep following them every year. AMAY adapts sustainability first approach for businesses who are putting everything into their first product launch. We define and execute every finance intensive process in a profiled virtual execution to measure the cash burn and prioritize MVP development that assures to be a solution to create sustainability.

Process in sustainability management

  1. Defining possible resources
  2. Calculation of static and dynamic expenses
  3. Defining death timeline
  4. Execution optimisation & timeline reduction
  5. Accelerating growth on a scale
Sustainability Management
Ecosystem Scan

3. Ecosystem Scan

Market research is necessary to understand market needs. But, research should also be conducted regarding the market. Is your product commercially viable? How the other products that are similar to yours have performed? What are your rough estimates of the market dependant on current market factors? Are some of the questions that need to be addressed by the enterprise. Scanning the business niche and competition before doing any big product launch or production can be a great step to prevent financial disaster. We at AMAY help businesses ensure the market needs and define product pricing that fit the targeted audience.

Process in ecosystem scan

  1. Defining audience challenges
  2. Analyzing product-market fit
  3. Analyzing business risk & market size

4. Socio-Environmental

Industries are the one of the main sources of pollution on earth. Due to some industrial processes leave large amount of carbon footprint, environment is badly affected. Also, there are some toxic byproducts that can pollute water or land that is being used by other people or it can destroy the bio-diversity or eco system that is thriving there. 

This can all be avoided by planning ahead in advance. We develop environment-friendly solutions considering the social, regional impact to maintain a business reputation among authorities and considering climate change an international issue. We adapt, mitigate planet changes and take calculated steps to reduce the waste and embrace green and sustainable living.


4. Our Process

Process in social-environmental solutionsExisting resource status analysis

  1. Pollution documentation
  2. Resources needed
  3. Government regulation & public
  4. Resource allocation & execution

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