Water Technology

Water Technology

Water Technology

Water technology in the industry is generally used to purify, convert, and reduce the concentration of specific elements considering business needs or governmental regulation. Some of the popular processes are boiler water treatment and cooler water treatment. Any chosen process will either have Chemical treatment, Physical treatment, Biological treatment, Physio-chemical treatment, or hybrid process to achieve the purity needed from the existing impure.


AMAY solutions help the government and businesses achieve the end-stage result using modern and advanced strategies that include IoT, AI, machine learning for advanced impurity detection, improper input detection, and malfunction. We are capable of developing high-quality water technology systems that can be implemented as a part of an existing system or can run independently.

Water Treatment

Water treatment is a process of making impure water useful for different purposes. In general, some of the common needs where water treatment is done are industrial water supply, river flow management, irrigation, natural water recycling, etc. Sometimes the water needs to be treated before use, according to various industrial requirements. Sometimes you have to treat the waste water before letting it out into the environment. Therefore, water technology is an important aspect to consider while building any of the production industries. AMAY solutions help businesses and government research the best suitable water treatment options for specific geo-locations considering resource availability along with clean energy opportunity detection and research.

Water Treatment
Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment (WWTP)

Wastewater treatment is used for water purification by removing excess minerals and contaminants from sewage water and other impure water sources. WWTP is used in the industry to comply with national, international, and environmental regulations that apply throughout the world to keep the environment clean and AMAY solutions help businesses in installing cost-effective WWTP solutions to achieve that.

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Sewage treatment plants are used to remove contaminants from household and municipal sewage systems and release them for agricultural, farming, or to nature. AMAY solutions helps governments and businesses choose one of many single or hybrid cost-effective and highly efficient sewage water purification technologies.

Sewage Treatment Plant
Effluent Water Treatment

Effluent Water Treatment (ETP)

Effluent water treatment is a process of removal of solids, contaminants from industry plants release water to be reused or released to the environment following safety and geo-specific governmental regulations. AMAY solutions help businesses research, implement and maintain effluent water treatment technologies considering the available resources along with energy generation opportunities.

Plant Design, Commissioning & Installation

Waste liquid management is highly regulated by the geo-specific government and international regulators hence getting approval to establish a water regulation system isn’t a simple process. In the worst case, application approval can take a lot of time and businesses may get their production delayed. Water is a very important element of life. We need to use water for various life processes and most of the industrial processes. In recent times, we have been noticing a shortage in water reserves on earth. Therefore, water needs to be used responsibly in various industries, especially the ones that need huge amount of water. AMAY solution helps businesses by taking the responsibility of research, approval, plant installation, and management in the least time, cost-effective manner along with clean energy generation opportunities.

Plant Design, Commissioning & Installation

Energy Optimization & Safety

Energy optimization in water technology systems is done based on resources and minerals available. A cost-effective solution can help businesses cut water plant energy and management cost by 70% and make it sustain on semi or full automation technologies. AMAY solutions engineers and data scientists are also capable of developing advanced cloud-integrated technologies based on IoT, ML, and computer vision that can help businesses monitor and maintain quality using the web and mobile applications.



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