Goal: The basics of IP and ways AMAY solutions follow to build no IP violation feature products.

Building a wholesome product that solves bigger problems in the industry can be challenging.

We at AMAY Solutions file multiple patents a year and even after filing the patent, we feel our client is still unprotected for duplication because there are many ways to make a similar product with a similar feature without infringing the IPR.

What is IPR?

IPR stands for intellectual property rights and it’s a regulation to protect the intelligence by limiting usage of a process, procedure, and design by an individual or a company.

Many companies, especially the new ones while developing the product use procedures unknowingly and end up getting sued by a company that has filed an IPR years ago.

As stated above, IPR is yet not too secure to protect everything. An alternate version of the system can be made that doesn’t violate any IPR.

So, can I copy IPR protected design?

Again, One cannot copy or implement the same product, process, and design but a similar product can be designed with a similar feature that doesn’t violate any IPR.

There are cases where this can be misused but AMAY solutions help startups build systems that do not violate an alternate and well-researched process.

How AMAY solutions help businesses/startups build products that don’t violate any IPR?

There is a very complex procedure that takes place through the whole process but for the sake of keeping the article simple, here are the key aspects that take place in short.


1.   Reverse Market Research

Finding competitors in the market and product positioning in existing marketing allows businesses to be specific to the customers. It improves the success probability and gives a defined preview about the market size and product improvement points that can resize the market.

2.   IPR Filteration

There are more than 4.37 billion IPR filed and if you are want to read through all, a single man can’t do that.

AMAY Solutions having experience and experts in its a system help companies fasten the impossible process to a few months and in the best few days to understand the product, process, and design.

We put experts on the system to do the job and the whole process becomes easy and gets done in business-relevant time.

3.   Process research & Unique Process Development

Once IPR Filteration and procedure filtration are done, our engineering experts and IPR experts sit together to find alternate methodologies that do not violate any existing IPR and come up with a unique solution that fulfills the same need but with a different process, product and design.

FInding the alternate process can be an extensive task and can take a few days to several months to complete and depends on the complexity and no of IPR for similar products.

4.   Regulation Test

Once the design is defined, the product prototype is developed and given to the real users to verify if the product satisfies the customers in terms of feature, design, and experience.

Once approved, we move to the next step “Conceptual machinery design”, where we implement founded unique methodology to produce products on the scale.

5.   Piloting

Before the product is fully launched in the whole market, a sample of products gets developed and runs a pilot program to analyze the customer response and measure customer satisfaction.

Once the customer response is significant, the product is then launched to the product owner is suggested to launch the product in the whole market.

6.   Scalable Distribution

AMAY Solutions also helps businesses in marketing the whole product and reach the bottom hand on the product. Reaching the last hand is a pretty smart move if your competitor only targets the upper or a specific segment of the market.

If the process above sounds interesting and executable, connect us on a call and we will be happy to help you build an alternate product development that doesn’t violate any IPR fulfill the user’s need with great design and well defined engineered procedures.

At AMAY Solutions, We do not appreciate plagiarism/violation with the product but appreciate the culture of coming up with solutions that are affordable and feasible for the customers.

A methodology to do good for the market and for the customers.

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