Goal: List problems in the industry and define How MANY Solutions is typing to solve it

Manufacturing and engineering are one of the vast running and very specific businesses where a 1-millimeter precision mistake can break the whole system.

If a new businessman wants to start a model manufacturing plant with a modern energy solution he needs to go with the exhausting process of selecting, filtering and verifying contractors before project allocation.

Issues in the industry

  1. Energy Efficient Solutions
  2. Lack of wholesome solutions
  3. Futureless solutions
  4. Cost-effective, time optimized & Centralised
  5. IP Infringing Solutions

1.   Energy Efficient Solutions

Renewable energy has been the latest boom in the manufacturing industry to cut the cost and the government has been extensively supporting businesses implementing that.

When talking about solar energy, people often consider the electricity generation using photovoltaic cells but there is more. Solar thermal energy can be a better and long solution that can increase energy usage efficiency over time.

It’s not just the solar which is the magic for the industry but also the wind power and gas which can be used to cut the cost on the power consumption.

2.   Lack of wholesome solutions

Wholesome projects are the one where multiple systems come together to give a single or multiple output developed by a single company unlike multiple companies in the past.

It is the successor methodology of implementation over the traditional approach and requires less budget and time to execute.

AMAY Solutions makes it possible by bringing highly experienced industry experts and researchers in the system. Centralizing the discussion, need and future growth projection makes the system ready for the future and customizable for future improvements.

3.   Futureless solutions

FutureLess solutions are the one which is highly prompted to be banned by the government in next few months or years. Systems that produce a lot of wastage or produce a lot of pollution in various forms get regulated by the government. Sometimes, It fails so badly the whole system gets to design from the beginning and it costs 3X+ than the initial budget to get a system that can run efficiently and follows safety and government guidelines in the longer run.

4.    Cost-effective, time optimized & Centralised

Doing everything in a single umbrella with a centralized team can be quite expensive especially if a company considers hiring experts from every industry. AMAY solves the problem and keeps the experts in a single umbrella. Doing that allows contractors to work on multiple projects with a flexible operation module and long term benefit.

5.   IP Infringing Solutions

Spending millions on a product just to realize that the product has violated multiple IP infringements cannot be a good go for a business just getting started. Unlike the traditional methodology of direct development, one should optimize the solution and go for verification first approach and then move to prototype to avoid any kind of conflicts. Doing reverse may require a lot of time but AMAY has something better, we will look at that in the latter part of this article.


Facts & Stats of world manufacturing output

CountryManufacturing Output (USD in billions)Percent of National OutputPercent of Global Manufacturing
United States1,8671218
South Korea372294
United Kingdom244102
Russian Federation139111
Source: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 2015

How do AMAY solutions cut that complexity away?

Amay Solution is focused on innovating the system with modern standards and implementing the new cost-cutting technologies.

Our vision is to be efficient and appreciate healthy living, green living, and support the world making that happen.

Our ideal customers are the who are

  1. Considering to start a new plant
  2. Optimize process efficiency
  3. Reduce Manual Work to increase throughput
  4. Keep the world environment safe and secure for people

We build Energy Efficient Solutions and fulfill the need for wholesome solutions in a Cost-effective manner with modern standards.

All of our projects have time optimized & the Centralised system doesn’t violate any Intellectual property law.

We do it with the help of our pool of engineers that have vast industry experience in building solutions and have deployed hundreds of solutions and deployments in the past.

In the last 12 years, renewable energy has been in good demand and businesses have been encouraged by the environment as well as the industry to fulfill the need.

If a business considers doing an up-gradation, he must go with a big process of research and contractor research to do the job.

If the job doesn’t get done properly, he probably needs to seek legal services to do the justification for the business.

Abhishek from AMAY Solutions has been observing these issues for quite some time and developed a plan to the same “The business” as well as the” contractors” by giving a platform that they cannot resist and allocate projects to contractors with a proven history in a very time optimized fashion.

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